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We're number one:  Our Laguna Shores location was listed as the number one windsurfing site in the nation where you can sail the most often and the number six site where the wind blows the hardest according to the wind archives from as published on page 12 of the May issue of WindSurfing magazine.

The US Open Windsurfing Regatta and the Nationals have concluded with Kevin Pritchard the winner after lots of good racing and wind.  Here is an article on the event from the Caller Times.  See the new US Open website for race results and more information.
A few pictures of this year's event have been added to our US Open gallery.

Upcoming Events (most covered in the newsletter):
June 15  Sailing at TAMUCC Beach, Party, and CCWA meeting Contact Chip Biery
June 22  STWA Indianola Beach race contact Jon Bright
June 24  Full Moon Bonfire Mustang Island contact Nancy Hamilton
July 13   Bird to the Causeway downwinder.  Contact Dick Ward (361) 949-0232 for details 
July 16   CCWA meeting at Roy Tansill's
July 24   Full Moon Bonfire Mustang Island contact Nancy Hamilton
Aug 20   CCWA meeting
Aug 24   Second Sorta Annual Circumnavigation of the Islandís Canals  Contact Roy Tansill.  Its a challenge race - come     beat my record and enjoy a backyard island tour.
Aug 22 Full Moon Bonfire Mustang Island contact Nancy Hamilton
More events are listed on the calendar at the CCWA group at Yahoo.

We now have an online group at Yahoo! that anyone can join for free.  Members can post messages, view and post pictures, enter items in the calendar, or chat in the chat room.  Anyone can read messages and view pictures or the calendar; and members can choose to receive messages by email or read them from the message board.  This online group will allow us to quickly relay messages to other members in the group such as "Fun sail and barbecue at Bird Island on Saturday afternoon" or "Expression session at Port A on Saturday morning".  I encourage everyone interested to join to improve communication within the local windsurfing community.
Litter, litter, litter:  Corpus Christi is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to windsurf; but some people just love to litter it from one end to the other.  We can help by volunteering to clean up our launch sites -- just take a plastic bag or two and pick up some litter.  For more suggestions on fighting litter, check out Keep Corpus Christi Beautiful.

The new wind info system is providing free timely wind data covering most of the stateís launches.  The Laguna Shores and Ropes sensors in Corpus Christi are active.  Check out the data with the new Iwindsurf Wind link in the link section below.  A link to the Conrad Blucher Bird Island wind report has been added as well.  From this site you can also check out the wind at other stations in the area.

A Google search window has been added to this site below.  You can search the web or just the domain that our site is in.  For example, if you want to find out what our site says about weed fins, you can search for weed fin and you will find the relevant information that's on our site (once Google lists our new site that is). 

If you are interested in aircraft, CNN has virtual 3D models of our military aircraft that you can control.  The graphics are really cool.  You'll need to install the Cult 3-D plug-in if you don't have it already.  Cult 3-D and worldof3d have galleries of other 3d images as well.  The third image in the worldof3d gallery is a sailboat you can control.

If the I.E. toolbars, ect. are leaving you with a smaller browser window than you would like, check out this Internet Explorer tip on how to get a larger browser window view.

The Blue Angels precision flight demonstration team performed at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station April 21 & 22, 2001.  Some photos from the April 21st show have been added to the Blue Angles Gallery at the CCAF site.

The National Weather Service is upgrading the computer voice on the weather radio.  You can review the sample voices and give them feedback on their voice samples web page.

A windsurfing survey is being done to help our sport.  See the January newsletter for more information.  Check out the survey form and send it in.

A club member introduced me to a nice conversion program that will convert knots to mph, pounds to stones, etc., etc.  It's a free download and has a five star rating from ZDnet.  Check out the latest version at Convert.

We are the windsurfing club for the Corpus Christi area, offering lots of fun events and races, a newsletter, monthly full moon bonfires on the beach, and monthly meetings.  A membership form is in the newsletter.
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